Welcome to the M*A*S*H Slash Awards.

This is for the writers and the readers, the wielders of words and the ones who love them, the boys and girls who make us laugh, cry, and beg for more of those crazy characters who populate M*A*S*H. This is for Hawkeye and his still, BJ and his mustache, Potter and his horse, Klinger and his dresses, Trapper and his nurses, Mulcahy and his cross, and all the dozens of characters that traipsed across the screens, both television and computer, and into our hearts. This is for the blatant stares and the covert glances. This is for the joking innuendo and the late-night trysts. This is for canon and for fanon and for imagination. This is for the stories and the tales, this is for the ones who spin those stories and tales. This is the M*A*S*H Slash Awards.


Winners have been posted! Congratulations to the authors, and a thousand thanks to all the people who made this possible -- voters, writers, and helpers alike.